Silver Reales Cob

1815, Indonesia, Madura Island. Silver ½ Real Batu (4 Reales Cob) / VOC! PCGS VG

1815, Indonesia, Madura Island. Silver ½ Real Batu (4 Reales Cob) / VOC! PCGS VG

1815, Indonesia, Madura Island. Silver ½ Real Batu (4 Reales Cob) / VOC! PCGS VG
1815, Indonesia, Netherlands East Indies, Madura Island. Silver ½ Real Batu Mexican 4 Reales Cob Coin Host! Region: Netherlands East Indies, Madura Island (Java) Reference: KM-196.1. See KM-40 (Mexico) for the host coin! Mint Year: 1815 (the host coin seems to be a Mexican 4 Reales coin of Philip III of Spain) Denomination: ½ Real Batu. Struck on aish Colonial 4 Reales Cob of Coin Mexico as Host! Certified and graded by PCGS as Genuine Coin Grading: Holed VG Details / Countermark Grading: VF Details! Weight: 13.04gm Diameter: 31mm Material: Silver.

Obverse:ish colonial coat-of-arms (cross with castles and lions in quarters) within tressure. Countermark (Persian inscription "Sumenap" to right). Reverse:ish shield with composite coat-of-arms beneath mint mark of Mexic (oM) and assayer initial F?

The Dutch East India Company. Or VOC in Dutch, literally "United East Indian Company" was a trading company, which was established in 1602, when the States-General of the Netherlands granted it a 21-year monopoly to carry out colonial activities in Asia. It was the first multinational corporation in the world and the first company to issue stock.

The Dutch East India Company remained an important trading concern for almost two centuries, paying an 18% annual dividend for almost 200 years. In its declining years in the late 18th century it was referred to as Vergaan Onder Corruptie which translates as'Perished By Corruption'. The VOC became bankrupt and was formally dissolved in 1800, its possessions and the debt being taken over by the government of the Dutch Batavian Republic. The VOC's territories became the Dutch East Indies and were expanded over the course of the 19th century to include the whole of the Indonesian archipelago, and in the 20th century would form Indonesia.

Sumenep Regency (Madura language: Songènèb) is a regency of East Java province, Indonesia. This regency has an area of 2,093.46 km² and a population of 1,041,915 inhabitants at the 2010 Census. It occupies the eastern end of Madura Island but also includes numerous islands to the east and south of Madura.

Its capital city is Sumenep. In the era of the Kingdom of Singhasari, the Sumenep area was led by a Duke who was also the mastermind behind the construction of the Majapahit Empire, the Arya Wiraraja.

Written in various books and inscriptions, one in the Book of Pararaton, that Arya Wiraraja no longer trusted by the Wisnuwardhana and dinohaken (away) to Sumenep, Madura, just east on October 31, 1269 M. Hanata Wongira, babatangira buyuting Nangka, Aran Banyak Wide, Sinungan Pasenggahan Arya Wiraraja, Arupa tan kandel denira, dinohaksen, kinun adipati ring Sungeneb, anger ing Madura wetan. Which means: It is a servant, a descendant of the chairman of Nangka village, called Banyak Wide, provisionally named Arya Wiraraja, apparently not trusted, was told to be kept in Sumenep duke.

Residing in the east of Madura. According to the book "Tjareta Negraha Songenep", the Dutch East India Company came to the Sumenep region during the period of administration Raden Bugan (16481672), one of friend Pangeran Trunojoyo.

After a struggle Trunojoyo can be broken by the Company, the Regional Pamekasan and Sumenep then subject to the power of the Company. Even after the death of Prince Bugan, the Company determines the reins of government meddling in Sumenep.

In 1704 Pangeran Cakraningrat died in Mataram and the signing event between Pangeran Puger with the Company, the Company recognizes the power of Pangeran Prince, who was at loggerheads with the Sunan Mas (Amangkurat III) the Sultanate of Mataram in Plered. Conversely Pangeran Puger obliged to give up some of the land of Java and Madura to the Eastern Company. Thus for the second time Sumenep fell into the hands of the Company, it happens in the agreement between the Kingdom of Mataram Susunuhan by the Company on the date on October 5, 1705. My lord is exalted by His Majesty the Shah was handed over to the Company to protect areas Sumenep and Pamekasan.... Is the same as performed by former Regent of the local time of surrender to the Company....

At the time of the agreement The area was under the reign Sumenep Panembahan Romo (Cokronegoro II). In the reign of Pangeran Alza (17441749) led to a revolt of Bangkalan vanished. At that time disappeared to regroup people already hate the government of the Company. He struggled from the East by way of mastering Sumenep palace. The next rule is held by Gusti Raden Ayu Tirtonegoro R.

A Rasmana (17501762) descended from Raden Bugan who later married a cleric named Bendoro Saud. He was then the Company has been named as regent of Sumenep with the title Kanjeng Tumenggung Ario Tirtonegoro. Raden Asiruddin Pangeran Atmajanegara Panembahan Somala Sultan Natakusuma son of Kanjeng Tumenggung Ario Tirtonegoro (Bendoro Saud) and Gusti Raden Ayu Tirtonegoro R. A Rasmana is, at the request of his parents, by the Dutch East Indies government was granted and was named a Regents Sumenep succeeded his father.

Founder of Sumenep Palace and Mosque. Note: Word Pangeran is mean of the son of the king. DAM Development / Irrigation on the Great River Kebon - HIS development Soemenep - Construction of transportation facilities rail Madura / ophalbrugh (ed: ghaladak rantai) in the Kali Marengan - Modern plant construction in the District of Salt Briquettes Kalianget. At the time of the War of Independence, the fighters Sumenep also determined to maintain independence, so that on the date of 11 November 1947 battle that is very tragic, at which time the City Sumenep attacked by five aircraft of the four majors.

At the time, the Dutch seized the last remaining area on the island of Madura, which Sumenep. And at that time, practically-based government in Madura city moved from the Lanjuk village, Pamekasan, to Manding, Sumenep. The item "1815, Indonesia, Madura Island. Silver ½ Real Batu (4 Reales Cob) / VOC! PCGS VG" is in sale since Thursday, February 22, 2018.

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1815, Indonesia, Madura Island. Silver ½ Real Batu (4 Reales Cob) / VOC! PCGS VG